Saturday, January 25, 2014

(1/25/14) New simCEO Release - and it's now FREE

Have you noticed the new home page (and some other pages as well)?  We've given a face lift to a few pages and changed our "About Us" page to reflect a number of new folks who have joined the Jetlag Learning team over the last few months. We've added much more diversity to the team to help us navigate the future.

Oh... and the updates to the pages are minor compared to what we have in store. We're slowly (sometimes painfully slowly !) creeping toward getting all the pieces in place for a major site revision to make simCEO much more interactive and add many of the features you have asked for.  We have a few collaborative partnerships in the works and are currently seeking various sources of funding to put it all together and get the new site rolling in the next couple months. In the meantime, the current site - as you probably noticed - is completely free.

We continue to be fueled by your feedback. (And make no mistake, we need that fuel because launching an innovative simulation into the education sector is not as easy as any of us envisioned!)  We recently received a kind "pat on the back" from Wendy W. who used simCEO with her Gifted and Talented 4th grade students in New Jersey.

The students are loving your site and so are we as teachers.  This was all the parents talked about during our parent teacher conferences…they are loving what they are seeing their students doing. EVERY parent in the class that is using simCEO mentioned how excited their students were about their companies and trading at parent teacher conference time.  They were all amazed at how accessible it has made the learning for their child and wished they had this kind of exposure to the stock market when they were in 4th grade!  Our students have actually now built websites to support their companies and have created commercials using green screen.  They are loving it and I do keep throwing curve balls their way.  
It's great to hear from High, Middle, and Elementary level teachers who sharing ideas for how they creativity engage students within the simCEO framework.  Thanks Wendy !

And lastly, we'll put out a few of our customary requests for help.
1. If you think simCEO is an innovative tool, share it with a friend. (It's free after all!)
2. If you want to play an active part in our site re-design, providing us with feedback and suggestions, consider joining one of our pilot groups.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy New Year

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy 2014.
We've got plans for new year.  Follow our updates. Share your insights of our current site, and suggestions for features for our next version.
We're excited by what the new year brings, and hope you are too.