Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Coming Soon... the new simCEO !

Greetings teachers, students, and simCEO fans,

It's been a busy couple of months, and we just wanted to share a quick update of what we've been up to recently.

Our biggest news it that we've been able to secure funding to be able to take the simCEO platform to the next level.

1. Be on the lookout for a whole new site design and new features galore. And, we'll showcase those new features right here - one by one.
SPOILER ALERT: When we make the transition, it means that the current "free demo" version will no longer be available. So, tell your friends to stock up on free simCredits now ! We'll honor them for the new site.   

2. In connection with our newly remodeled Educational Site, we will be launching a Public Site. So... to all of you  who requested to play simCEO - even if your instructors wasn't ready to play - we now have a solution. You'll be able to test your investing and entrepreneurial skills with other users all around the world ! Stay tuned.

3. simCEO was selected as one of 50 companies to be featured on the DOCENT Platform, offered by the non-profit folks at Digital Promise showcasing innovative Ed Tech Products and providing an avenue to foster research into their effectiveness. The Digital Promise approach is shared below, and we're thrilled to play a part in helping research and document best practices.

There are more than 14,000 school district “consumers” in the U.S. Decision-makers and users lack reliable information. Developers lack access to current research on learning theory that should inform product design and development. Current procurement processes were designed to handle print-based resources, not learning technology tools and services.
Through our Marketplace initiative, Digital Promise is working to foster a dynamic, efficient K-12 market where informed consumers and innovative developers collaborate to create tools that improve the opportunity for all students to learn. We identify problems, conduct research, and create solutions that result in smart demand, smart supply, and simplified procurement processes.