Thursday, December 5, 2013

Hello simCEO enthusiasts,

We started this blog to share our progress as we move towards the development of a new site. Our hope is to be able to keep you updated, answer questions you might have, and solicit a few trailblazers who want to play a more active role in developing simCEO by joining a Pilot Group to give us feedback on the new site as we develop it. Learn more about how you can sign up to be part of a pilot group and the special benefits of taking part.

We believe simCEO is a special learning tool representing a new kind of interactive, dynamic learning where students are both creators and evaluators simultaneously in an open-ended environment. With your help we can explore the potential of this new model and play a part in changing the way students learn. (Oh... and we can help students learn entrepreneurship and financial literacy in an authentic environment along the way!)

We hope you'll join us.

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