Saturday, January 27, 2018

Measuring The Effects of Entrepreneurship Education: Learn about our 5:5:5 Program

Studies have shown the positive effect that entrepreneurship brings to students in areas such as GPA , inspiration and attitudes for university students.  We are on the lookout to measure these attitudes in K-12 students!

Entrepreneurship empowers students, giving them the problem-solving skills to succeed now and in the future.

Additionally, we believe the innovative learning model of simCEO - where students create their own business, and manage it within a dynamic environment - provides a unique opportunity to engage students in real-world learning.  Instructors integrate the classroom content directly into the simulation, giving students and authentic environment to apply their understanding.

As a tool for entrepreneurship and an innovative tool for innovative, 21st Century learning, both provide fertile ground to study the effects simCEO has on students.

We're seeking school partners for our 5-5-5 Program starting in the 2018-19 school year.

  • 5 school districts (a minimum of 250 student-users per year)
  • 5 years of free access to simCEO
  • 5 years of longitudinal studies of (anonymous) student attitudes via simple survey
Interested school districts can contact for more information.

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