Wednesday, March 28, 2018

How Teachers Customize simCEO

One of the great benefits of simCEO is that it empowers instructors to easily customize the experience, crafting it to meet specific outcomes and/or student needs.

We love the creative ways that instructors shape simCEO to focus on specific subjects. While simCEO already includes links to national standards in Entrepreneurship, Economics, and Personal Finance, it can be customized even further in these areas or other subjects.

We share a few examples below. We encourage instructors to send us ideas so we can share them. The more we share, the more examples we give to new simCEO instructors to give them the spark to see how they can best reach their students.

If we publish your ideas, you will earn a free simulation.

Take a look at our initial list below in the following subjects. More will follow!

  Ideas to integrate STEM/STEAM

  Ideas to integrate Economics 

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