Sunday, February 22, 2015

3...2...1... Launch !

Welcome to the simCEO Virtual Office,

Taking Learning To New Heights
(If you are a current user of simCEO making the transition to the new virtual site, please refer to some of the earlier posts on this blog. If we can help with anything, let us know. )

SimCEO has always been an innovative model to change learning. Now, with a virtual office layout, we hope to match that innovative model of learning with an innovative look and feel.

In addition to the more immersive experience, you'll still find all the flexibility and customization that was present in the previous version - plus, a few new features that we're excited to be sharing.

What’s Changed?
Simulation Home Page
A virtual office allows users to explore and find information.  Both instructors and learners also have a Dashboard on their simHome page to provide quick details of the most relevant information. Students are able to see a daily update of how well their portfolio and share price performed relative to other students in the simulation.
All users select an avatar to help guide them through the new simCEO office.
News Articles, Bulletin Board Announcements,  
All are accessed from the virtual office. All now display with a more authentic look and feel. Instructors can still customize each of these elements.
Market Research, Market Prices, and My Portfolio Page
All are accessed from within the office computer. Each element brings up a more detailed page of data. All transactions are recorded for users, and market and portfolio information contain more data about overall performance.
Messages to and from users are now accessed from the office phone.
Buy/Sell Shares
Buying and selling shares happens through the simCEO Investments building located on the simHome page.
Loans & Deposits
Banking functions occur from the bank building located on the simHome page.
This new feature replaces the “Environment” and “Rules” section of the old site. Within simResources, instructors can post information about the simulation to assist learners. This could be additional rules, a defined environment/setting, websites, PDF documents, etc.  
Business Plan Components
We still allow instructors to select assignments to help define the components of business plan. (They can still customize their own too.)  But we’ve changed the format to allow student answers to be more holistic. Once completed, students should have a portable beginning to a coherent business plan that they take and build upon.
Creating a Company
Learners still can create any type of company they desire. We’ve added fields to let them pick a company logo, motto and have linked these to their business plan and created personalized business cards for each student.
Coming soon:
1. A learner reflection journal: An internal method of communication between learner and instructor. This allows instructors to monitor and evaluate the rationale behind a learner's action (or non-action) within a business or investing scenario.

2. Instructor Community: With all the great customization we've seen from creative teachers, we decided to create a sharing space so that all that great work isn't done in isolation. Browse through ideas, borrow them, add to the list of resources so that other instructors can benefit as well. 

3. Personalized Messaging on Stock Charts: We're personalizing our stock charts by allowing them to display user logos who have sent you messages. So, the stock charts of tomorrow will give you price data and personalized messages - all in one!

4. Quizzes and case study assessments to track learning within the simulation, tapping into the authentic environment of simCEO by asking learners to demonstrate their understanding of entrepreneurial and financial literacy content.

On behalf of the entire Jetlag Learning team, we're very proud to be releasing the new version; we hope you are equally excited by all the new site has to offer.  

We'd love to hear what you think.


Derek Luebbe
CEO Jetlag Learning

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