Saturday, February 21, 2015

Transitions For Current Users: Old to New

Today marks a big day for us here at simCEO.

We're thrilled to launch our new virtual site, and hope that you are equally excited. It takes our text-version to the next level and adds many new features in the process. (We'll share those later!)

If you are a current user, we hope the transition is a smooth one. We'll be here for any question you have along the way. 

One difference that may cause confusion are the assignments which make up the business.

OLD: Learners completed multiple assignments. Each assignment could have multiple questions, answered separately.

NEW:  Learners complete multiple assignments. Each assignment can have multiple questions but are answered holistically in one field instead of separate answers to specific questions.

Why did we change?
We wanted users to complete a business plan that looked more realistic and holistic instead of fragmented business plans created by answering specific questions. We hope the new version gives the same teacher flexibility but allows for student business plans to be portable and realistic (to be used after the simulation) - a request that came from many of you!

If I'm playing simCEO, how will this transition affect my assignments?
The assignments serve the same purpose, but they are in a new format in the new version. We've made some adjustments to the questions that are asked as well. 
We saved and transferred all the data from each student's business plan. So, nothing is lost. But we compiled the answers for each of the questions on each assignment into one long answer for that assignment. Therefore, we've combined fragmented answers into one answer. This could cause some confusion  in terms of coherency and we apologize. 

We slightly renamed some assignments. In two cases, we merged answers from two assignments into one new one.

  • The new assignment named Assessing the Future includes the answers from the old assignments Assessing the Future and Industry Analysis.
  • The new assignment named Peer Evaluation includes the answers from the old Peer Evaluation and Diamond in the Rough.

Some users may want to be reminded of the assignments in their original format and the original questions.   If this is you, we're sharing a PDF and MS Word version which contains all of the old assignments and questions. 

We're grateful to our current users - the trail blazers ahead of their time. Please let us know if you find any problems with your simulation during the transition and we'll do all we can to support you and your students.

Hoping you enjoy the new site!

Derek Luebbe

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