Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Getting Started Resources

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Take a look below. If you can't find what you want, let us know.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED  Before you get started, watch this short video to see how you can customize simCEO to fit your needs.

Getting Started Videos (Want to see a video? Email us.)

Play A Free Simulation (0:57)

How Do Students Join My Simulation? (1:04)


How do I select components which I want students to address in their business plans? (1:47)
How do I control the dates for how long the simulation will run? (1:28)
How do I add my own customized components so that students have to address my specific questions in their plan? (2:38)
How do I create my own customized environment (time/place) for the simulation and share additional resources to give my students more context? (1:43)
How do I add news articles (real or fictional) to introduce content and encourage student analysis and action? (1:13)


How do I add more news articles during the simulation? (1:13)
How do I understand and possibly influence student share prices? (4:55)
How do I view current share prices and research student business plans? (1:17)
How do I view student portfolios and transactions? (0:40)
How do I see how students buy/sell shares? (1:19)
How do I see how students take out loans or deposits? (1:11)

We're always on the lookout for instructors interested in joining a pilot program to help us research the innovative learning within simCEO.

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