Thursday, January 26, 2017

Pilot simCEO - Push us to the next level of EdTech GBL!

We believe simCEO represents a new form of online learning - where learners simultaneously create and evaluate each other's creation in a dynamic environment controlled by the instructor!

Learn more about our pilot program to help play a part in helping to make this innovative learning even more effective! Test new features.

Why join a pilot?
  • Because your input will help future students and instructors!
  • Contribute to the development of a new model in games-based learning.
  • Build your professional resume.
  • Connect with other innovative educators to share ideas.
  • Earn 100 simCredits of the new site for your district.
  • OPTIONAL: Have your name immortalized (well, printed on our site) as an innovator and contributor towards the development of the new features.

Learn more about how we hope to change learning.
Attend one of our webinars
Check out our Getting Started resources.
Interested in partnering to foster youth entrepreneurship?
Follow us on Twitter @simCEO and join our Facebook Group

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