Saturday, March 11, 2017

Student Entrepreneurship: Partners Wanted

As a start-up with an innovative idea, at simCEO we’re always looking to expand our reach through partners who can add value and further our mission to reach students.
If you’re excited by real world learning where students each create their own company and those companies combine to form an interactive stock market so that students can practice investing and entrepreneurship in a dynamic environment, then we’d love to connect.
Since winning the SIIA Most Innovative Ed Tech Incubator Award, we know simCEO represents a powerful tool to help transform education.
Specifically, we’re seeking:
    • Purpose-driven individuals and organizations who can add value to our cause through investment, leadership or partnerships to take simCEO to the next level.
    • Educators interested in sharing simCEO with other schools as partner representatives.
    • Local or regional organizations who can help share simCEO with schools – free of charge – to support efficacy research on entrepreneurial and financial literacy skills.
Entrepreneurship and financial literacy are just the beginning! We think big to transform education – and we know we have an innovative model to get there.
    • Moving beyond recall: Students develop business plans and other real products for a real audience.
    • Students as creators, applying content in a specific context.
    • An environment where students as evaluators of (each others) quality.
    • Real world environments: open-ended,  dynamic, and with a specific context.
    • Empowering educators to customize and target learning
We seek passionate partners who can help us scale this type of learning to students around the world.
Follow our story on Twitter @simCEO , and share your story with us. Or, reach out to us at .

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