Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Share an innovation in GBL. Earn Income

SimCEO is an innovative learning opportunity:
  • introducing entrepreneurship and financial literacy skills into the school day at a time when these important topics are being increasingly squeezed out
  • pushing the boundaries of Games-Based Learning (GBL) by creating real-world environments without "correct" answers where students are both creators and evaluators of each other's quality as they pursue goals.

Are you interested in earning income while helping others experience this valuable resource?

Jetlag Learning, makers of simCEO, is seeking current users to help us get the word out by offering short presentations to other potential users. Each time you sign someone else up to play simCEO, you're bringing entrepreneurship and financial literacy to a new group of students - and you will earn cash along the way.

Let us know if you're interested.

Applicants should:
  • Be familiar with how simCEO works and the options that instructors have within it
  • Be committed to and able to articulate the innovative model of games-based learning
  • Understand the needs of educators
  • Have effective personal communication skills
  • Complete the application steps below.

Successful applicants:
  • Will earn money in a highly competitive commission program
  • Will be paid as an independent contractor
  • Will have the option to work in a salaried position should simCEO need full or part-time support in sales and marketing.

To learn more and apply:
Send a letter explaining why you would be successful in turning others onto the wonders of simCEO, a brief resume (so we know where you are or have recently worked) and a personal philosophy statement about using technology, and specifically, games-based learning in the classroom. Send to

Learn more about how we hope to change learning.
Attend one of our webinars for instructors.
Check out our Getting Started resources.
Interested in partnering to foster youth entrepreneurship?
Interested in joining a pilot program?  Help us research the learning effectiveness of simCEO, and get cool stuff!
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